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Let’s Kickoff!

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It seems not so long ago when I started my journey. Plain and straightforward. I was a self-educated C programmer who was offered to a real job by all the means. I clearly remember how surprising it was for me. It was like jumping to a large scale industrial project for a newbie without any professional background experience.

All pain and joy; long studying, nonstop learning, and late-night writing code. Welcome to my professional life. Standard C language with Borland turbo compiler conducted me strangely to the world of endless chains of pointers that I could not even be sure they are pointing to the right address of memory! Windows was still a luxury tool that we didn’t accredit it as a real operating system and at the same time, newly arrived 28K dial-up modems were showing us the taste of being online. Then it was C++ that showed itself up in an offshoring company with all projects from Germany. Moving on to their Java-based project gradually I was applauding being in the worldwide Java community. Then the train of frameworks, technologies, libraries, and tools arrived and never ended so far and it was 2001.

Programming has been always an important part of my life and to be fair the pleasure I gained was usually more significant than its troubles. I also was a fan of writing and gave it a chance for years by authoring technology articles in a printed magazine in my native language that was going on to the online version lastly. But it was not completely what I was enthusiastic about. I liked to extend my writing experiences to each context that made me feel free! So I decided to kick it off finally, why right now? I am not sure, I think it is probably because I am going to celebrate my twentieth anniversary of working in this filed soon. Or just simply because I like to write! So this time it is all English, the language that I still don’t feel comfortable with, probably will be a good exercise for my writing skills. Chances are the readers will experience increasing text quality! Let’s see what comes up next.

Featured image is taken by NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope that shows a spiral galaxy known as NGC 7331, image credit goes to NASA & License.

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3 years ago

I like your writing!👍